Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?


Research shows that the most successful people – those who consistently outperform their peers both in their personal and professional lives – have a higher emotional intelligence.

People often think that what matters for success is how smart they are. Yes, IQ is certainly important; however IQ by itself is not sufficient. It is Emotional Intelligence that predicts and makes a difference in how successful people become get. The higher the Emotional Intelligence, the more successful people are.

Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships

Emotional Intelligence is a key driver of how people relate to each other and of the quality of the relationships they establish. It significantly influences how people solve interpersonal problems. This impacts both the personal and the professional aspects of life.

Problem Solving and Effectiveness

Conflict often stems from Emotional Intelligence differences between people. Developing Emotional Intelligence helps people solve interpersonal problems more effectively and efficiently. When people understand the basics of how they are different from each other and their individual strengths and weaknesses, they can take steps to reduce conflict and become more accepting.

Improved Stress Resilience

People with higher Emotional Intelligence manage their challenges better and are more resilient. Their daily activities and circumstances feel easier to manage because Emotional Intelligence provides them with an additional set of resources. As a result they make better choices in their lives and avoid making errors that they would later need to correct or that would become obstacles.

Life Satisfaction

People with higher Emotional Intelligence are more satisfied and happier with their personal and professional lives. Emotional Intelligence competencies allow them to understand themselves better and to have a clearer sense of direction. They feel more fulfilled and find more meaning in their lives.

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