Leadership and Communication Lessons From an Orchestra Conductor

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Maestro Gernot Schultz and the Lake Shore Symphony Orchestra

Watching an orchestra rehearse and a conductor interact with the ensemble, manage and lead, provides a powerful analogy of leadership skills and behaviors. This analogy has been mentioned in various articles on leadership.  In addition, it’s even been used in an executive education course case study offered by such prestigious schools as Harvard in Boston and [...]

Emotional Intelligence For Strategic Account Managers: Accelerating Performance By Leveraging Soft Skills in Complex Jobs

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If you’re a Strategic Account Manager (SAM) or a Key Account Manager (KAM) your role requires an elaborate variety of skills. From technical expertise, analytical and strategic thinking to communication, management, leadership and negotiation skills. It is a highly complex job. Strategic Account Manager – A Complex Job Successful SAMs or KAMs understand how to [...]

7 Lessons On Earning The Ultimate Currency: Happiness

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Keep in mind that happiness is mostly dependent on our state of mind, not on our status or the state of our bank account. Barring extreme circumstances, our level of well being is determined by what we choose to focus on and by our interpretation of external events. For example, do we focus on the empty part or the full part of the glass? Do we view failures as catastrophic, or do we see them as learning opportunities?

Hardwiring Your Happiness

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Inner strengths are the supplies you’ve got in your pack as you make your way down the twisting and often hard road of life. They include a positive mood, common sense, integrity, inner peace, determination, and a warm heart. Researchers have identified other strengths as well, such as self-compassion, secure attachment, emotional intelligence, learned optimism, the relaxation response, self-esteem, distress tolerance, self-regulation, resilience, and executive functions